The Nora White Story

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When seventeen-year-old Nora White successfully graduates High School in 1922 Mississippi and is College bound, everyone is overjoyed and excited. Everyone except Nora. She dreams of Harlem, Cotton Clubs, Fancy Dresses, and Langston Hughes. For years, she's sat under Mr. Oak, the big oak tree on the plush green grass of her families five acres, and daydreamed of The Black Mecca.

The ambitious, young Nora is fascinated by the prospect of being a famous writer in The Harlem Renaissance and decides she doesn't want to go to College. Despite her parent's staunch protest, Nora finds herself in Jacobsville, New York, a small town forty-five minutes outside of Harlem.

Shocked by their daughter's disappearance, Gideon and Molly White are plagued with visions of the deadly south, like the brutal lynching of Gideon's sister years ago. As the couple embark on a frightening and gut wrenching search for Nora, they are each stalked by their own traumatic past. Meanwhile, Nora learns that the North is not all it's cracked up to be and struggles to accept her prestigious family's dark secrets.

Can Gideon and Molly overcome their disturbing past in time to find their daughter before it's too late?

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"It wasn't just because their names matched or their passions either. It could have had something to do with their roots, how they were both sown in the south and knew the mind of a mule; could have been their stubborn ways and iron like fist in their throats; could have been the instability of their youth. How they sojourned the world unapologetically, wrapped themselves in rainbows and soared like butterflies trapped in cages. Could have been the giggles in their stomachs and how they burst forth without warning and full of pride. Whatever the reason, there wasn’t anything special about the first time she saw her."


Yecheilyah Ysrayl is the author of Young Adult, African American Literature and Poetry. Author of nine books, Yecheilyah is also the founder of Literary Korner Publishing, the legal entity under which she publishes her books and Literary Korner Publishing Writer's Workshop. She is currently working on her next book series "The Nora White Story". Book One is due for release July 15, 2017 and July 16-17 at The Tampa Indie Author Book Convention in Tampa Florida. Book Two is due later this year. Sign up to stay informed. 

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"Love is the answer to every question."

 "I consider myself and anyone else aware of her to be pretty lucky already as this author has a pretty powerful perspective and is more than capable of articulating her experiences and thought processes as it relates to the cultural upbringing of the African American experience. Her name is Yecheilyah Ysrayl." 

Dottie DanielsAuthor, Affliction

 "Yecheilyah is a gifted poet and writer of which I have had the pleasure of getting to know the last couple of years. She writes evocative literature dedicated to the promotion of African American culture and American literature." 

Colleen ChesebroAuthor, The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy

 "Stella is a story that resonates with me and challenged the sensibilities of people who judge others based on the color of their skin. It starts with Cynthia and her boyfriend Alex discussing the fact that Alex is not as invested in the relationship as she would like for him to be. Cynthia wants him to meet her beloved grandmother Stella, but he is not amendable." 

Lisa W. TettingAuthor, The Miseducation of Zora Langston

 "Move over To Kill a Mockingbird - the next best thing is here. If I had the power, I would put this book in the hands of every middle school child in America and let them truly understand what it means to be beyond the colored line. The thing is, the literary classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Huck Finn definitely bring up the issues of race, but they're incredibly separated from what it's portrayed as in today's world. But this story, even though the setting went through the Great Depression and beyond, is still just as relevant." 

Anna KoppAuthor, The Lifeblood Series, Rise of the Chosen

 "In the books Stella: A Short Story and Stella: Beyond the Colored Line, YecheilYah Ysrayl discusses a sometimes uncomfortable conversation and reality. The character Stella carries both the burden and freedoms of racial diversities making her story a reality check for some and a hard truth for others. These intriguing stories will most definitely play out like they are on a big screen in your mind, allowing you to want more to relate to Stella as a friend, sister and or Mother, and for some she already is. Eloquently written these books allow you to experience a time where you could have had to live beyond the colored line. May the story of Stella's hardships and successes continue." 

Constance HumphreyAmazon Customer Review

 " 'If something is wrong, you don't sit back and let the wrong continue. You go out and you do your part to change it.' If the above quote speaks to you, you should read this book. I have not read the first two books in the series, but this third installment on its own is quite powerful in itself. I enjoyed the writing style of the author, who was able to capture different characters through their dialogue and how she wrote their accents. Though Ysrayl is not a white teenage boy, she is able to write his narration convincingly, while also being able to give other perspectives through the rest of the characters." 

Swimming Through LiteratureAmazon Customer Review

 "No people can truly be free until they know who they are." This story maintains good pacing, it's inspiring, and thought-provoking. Labels don't make us who we are, but it's what's on the inside of us and being comfortable in our own skin. I truly enjoyed reading this." 

Silver Pen EntertainmentAmazon Customer Review

 "Like the first book, Ysrayl works her magic of putting the reader into her characters’ minds to witness history through their emotions and perspectives. At one point in the story, the friends are trapped in their vehicle as it’s mobbed by a pack of violent racists. My heart was literally pounding at this point. I was horrified that anyone had to experience such ugly cruelty." 

Christa Wojo.Author, SICK, Digital Marketer

 "The screenplay, Pearls Before Swine, reads like a movie script. I feel as though I'm acquainted with some of the characters. Yecheilyah Ysrayl's first screenplay is definitely an accomplishment. If you like drama, this is it. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat! The pearls are most intriguing! Discover what these pearls represent. Undoubtedly, you will gain insight from this powerful mystery." 

Amazon ReviewAmazon Customer Review
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